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   Leadership Training Workshops





This training workshop saved the U.S. Postal Service approximately $200,000 in the first year, in just one of the post offices trained! If your organization doesn't double it's ROI within one year of applying character-based leadership skills, we’ll make up the difference.


Training Workshops
Half-Day & One-Day On-Site Customized Training


Tampa, FL

Bring Out the Best in People—and Keep Them!

Leadership Skills to Overcome Today's Challenges

Character-based Leadership Skills: How to Turn Ordinary People into Extraordinary Employees ... and Keep Them!
How to Develop the Untapped Potential in Your Employees

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Learning Outcomes
This workshop makes life easier for managers. At the end of this training, participants are able to:


  • Reinforce behavior they want repeated through a non-monetary method of employee recognition.

  • Develop employees to new levels.

  • Increase employee morale and reduce employee turnover ... significantly.

  • Value individuals for who they are and not just for what they accomplish.

  • Free their time for more beneficial tasks.   

Attendees can immediately apply the information they learn. The workshop is designed for optimal adult learning. Workbooks are designed for ongoing reinforcement of the training.


Agenda / Outline

  • Mini case study reports from best practices

  • Character-based leadership skills and why they are so effective now

  • An intelligent three-step method for giving employees the recognition they deserve

  • An innovative (and simple) recruitment strategy that causes employee turnover to drop and makes audiences sigh in relief when they hear it!

  • How to discipline and restore employees with performance/behavior problems

  • Small group exercises for practicing and discussing new skills learned

  • Leadership vs. management ... beyond the basics

  • The importance of effective communication and how to overcome communication frustrations

  • How to conduct motivating performance reviews

  • Q & A time to make sure everyone leaves with practical how-to ideas for immediate use

  • A dramatic closing story that illustrates the powerful benefits of this material

Agenda and outcomes vary with the seminar length and modules selected.


Intended Audience

All managers, executives, directors, team leaders and supervisors


Length of Workshops

Half-day for senior-level managers

One-day for front-line managers and supervisors

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Comments from Clients & Attendees
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