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Leadership Tip of the Month by Ron Jasniowski


Promotions are memorable experiences. You can make them even more memorable by telling individuals they got the promotion because of a personal character quality of theirs.


Start by identifying the most pertinent character trait that helped them get the promotion. Then during the promotion recognize them for the trait as well as how they expressed it on the job.


That is all that it takes to get some people to continue to practice the trait for the rest of their life, no matter how young they are! And ... if they are being promoted to a position of leadership, you can bet they will make sure their subordinates will practice that trait on the job as well.


If you aren't in a position to promote employees, consider forwarding this onto someone who is. Because ...


"Nothing has a greater impact on success or failure than the outward expression of inner character."

        -Ron Jasniowski


Future issues will provide you with more details on how you can reach the next level of leadership success.


You may want to print this and discuss it at your next leadership team meeting.



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How to Promote Employees





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