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Character-Based Leadership
Many people have heard about principle-centered leadership and servant leadership. Not so well known is character-based leadership. While character-based leadership is not a blending of the two, it does incorporate some aspects of both. Character-based leaders operate with integrity and with a heart to help others. They lead with a genuine concern for the greater good of all (their employees, company, customers, community, etc.). Leaders of character are not doormats for employees to trample on. Rather they are assertive and most importantly they develop the untapped potential and character qualities in their employees.


Character-based leadership is not natural and takes some effort to apply, but the long-term benefits I've observed are quite impressive.

■  Employees perform at new levels of excellence, then ...

■  Customer service improves, and ...

■  Productivity increases, and ...

 Employee turnover is reduced, then ...

■  Workforce expenses decrease significantly, and ...

■  Managers free their time for more important tasks!

This can be achieved in part by explaining which character traits are important and recognizing employees when they display the trait. Brief discussions about the character trait of the month in department meetings are also a part of character-based leadership.


I’ve already addressed some of the other aspects of character-based leadership in previous tips and plan to go into more detail in future issues.

You may want to print this and discuss character-based leadership at your next leadership team meeting.


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