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Leadership Tip of the Month by Ron Jasniowski


This is the last part of a three-part series on communication.


Numerous studies demonstrate poor communication is the top cause of demotivation in the workplace. Let’s take a quick look at what the parts of communication are and briefly discuss the last three this time.


1. Message

2. Perception

3. Field of experience

4. Time to process

5. Feedback

6. Receptivity (active listening and acceptance of bad news)


4.  Time to process

If someone tells you too much in too little time, it's not your fault if you don't remember everything that was just told to you. Good communicators pace the amount of new information given to listeners or put it in writing. It's always easier to tell people something than it is to remember what someone told you. Allow your employees time to absorb information.


5.  Feedback

Verification of crucial communication is important. Have recipients repeat instructions to verify comprehension. As I mentioned in the last issue, having people repeat what you just told them can be intimidating, so be tactful.


6.  Receptivity (active listening and acceptance of bad news)

Managers who are attentive to their employee's communication get more respect from employees than managers who multitask when employees talk to them. Even though managers can't stop what they are doing each time an employee says something, it is important to try to do so more often than not.


One of the top reasons for employees not communicating bad news to managers is an employee's previous experience with a manager's negative reaction upon receiving bad news. Managers who want employees to tell them bad news before it becomes a major problem, must tell them that is what they want and then respond appropriately upon hearing the bad news.


Next month's tip helps managers focus on the positive in employees.


Future issues will provide you with more details on how you can reach the next level of leadership success.


You may want to print this and discuss it at your next leadership team meeting.


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