Underlying Causes of Poor Leadership


Underlying Causes of Poor Leadership

1.  Promotions to management positions are based on job skills or seniority verses competency in leadership skills.

2.  Lack of knowledge and training about leadership.

3.  Poor role models in the past that were either too autocratic or too passive.

4.  Too busy and impersonal with subordinates.

5. Addressing these shortcomings is not a priority. Poor leadership solidifies as nothing significant is done to turn things around.


The first point is commonly called the Peter Principle. Laurence Peter's theory states that employees often are promoted from a position they are competent in, until they reach (and then remain in) a level of incompetence.


The other points are redily overcome so long as there is commitment to follow through. Numerous resources are available to help insure improvement takes place and lasts.


Learning good leadership skills in a convincing way and applying the information learned can make a huge difference with the same manager and employees. I love following up with clients to learn the difference that character-based leadership skills makes for managers and employees ... such as improving morale to such an extent that employee turnover was reduced from 100% to 0 in two years. And turning some of the most unreliable employees into the most reliable employees, etc.


For details on how to overcome poor leadership, see the management styles tip.


Next month's issue will help you deal with Performance/behavior Problems with employees. Future issues will provide you with more details on how you can reach the next level of leadership success.


You may want to print this and discuss it at your next leadership team meeting.


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